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As a result, they never stayed in any one particular place for long, so George under no circumstances bought the chance to establish associations with any individual, which was just one contributing issue to his loneliness.

In addition, he was not fond of numerous ranch hands either, stating, “I observed the men that go about on the ranches by yourself. That ain’t no very good. They really don’t have no pleasurable. Immediately after a very long time they get necessarily mean.

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They get wantin’ to struggle all the time” (Steinbeck 41). George expressed his frustration with the other ranch hands, and it was clear that he does not have a solid friendship with any of them.

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Two ranch hands he notably never got together with were being Curley and Carlson. Curely and Carlson have been pretty emotionally superficial people who ended up not in touch with anyone’s emotions. Immediately after George killed Lennie in the closing scene, Carlson recognized that he was saddened by Lennie’s demise and responded by indicating, “Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two fellas?”. This deficiency of empathy produced a barrier concerning George and Carlson, along with other adult males like Carlson, for they can’t emotionally connect or forge a friendship owing to the absence of comprehending. The only man or woman that George did truly care for and watch as a friend was Lennie.

Nonetheless, thanks to Lennie’s psychological situation, he only served as physical organization to George even with how George always informed him that they have each and every other, George was under no circumstances ready to hook up with Lennie on any kind of deep, emotional level because Lennie had the state of mind of a youngster. Consequently, George was often pretty lonely on psychological conditions. His perception of loneliness was normally conveyed by means of pay for my homework his solitaire games he was so lonely that he had to engage in a card video game on his personal.

At last, at the stop of the novel, George shed his only resource of steady treatment and business when he had to shoot his personal companion and only real mate. At that point, George dropped anything even additional important than just Lennie he lost his special objective in lifetime as effectively. This was George’s remaining onset, for he has now attained his comprehensive capability of loneliness and discontent in lifestyle, which is an empty void dusted with crushed desires of untrue hope that can hardly ever again be loaded.

Curley’s wife. Another character diseased by the prevalence of loneliness was Curley’s wife.

She married Curley, but despises him, for she under no circumstances beloved him. She does not like talking to Curley, and with no a single else on the ranch to converse to, she has sunken into an abyss of loneliness. Her loneliness took a drastic toll on her habits to other people. She was so keen for consideration that she would go as far as performing inappropriately flirtatious, malevolently cruel, or even overtly insecure. She usually roamed about the ranch, asking various men if they have viewed Curley about. She behaved in a seductive fashion, though always making guaranteed that she seemed her very best, for she had “comprehensive, rouged lips and large-spaced eyes, greatly manufactured up. Her fingernails were being red.

Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages. She wore a cotton housedress and purple mules, on the steps of which were very little bouquets of purple ostrich feathers” (Steinbeck 31). She does so, due to the fact she was so determined for attention that she felt as if this was the only way that she can acquire awareness from some others.

On the other hand, regretably for Curley’s wife, most of the ranch hands treated her with hostility and tried using to ignore her to keep away from getting by themselves in issues. Her loneliness has also led to her occasional sadistic habits as nicely.


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