Importance of a Sober Support Network

If you are not 100% satisfied with the flavor or experience, email us and we’ll take care of you. Developing more inclusive, alcohol-free company events such as a movie or book club, sports tournament, or group volunteer days. The study found that the level of openness on the topics of not drinking or about being in recovery depended on the amount of concern study participants had about being socially stigmatized for being too open. While attending work functions with alcohol, it is likely that non-drinkers will be offered drinks, or even asked why they are not drinking. Having a plan for how to respond can take some of the stress out of this situation. Click here to reserve your place on my next free quit drinking webinar.

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Even people who readily extend themselves to support your recovery post-rehab may require considerable time and patience to learn how to support you. Therefore, you should normalize clear, open communication and always communicate your needs while you allow the members of your support network to learn and adjust. You should also become more responsive and be willing to answer the phone or otherwise provide a timely response when a member of your support network reaches out to you to inquire about your well-being. Many addicts burn bridges throughout the course of their addiction. If you have damaged a relationship that was positive and healthy prior to your substance abuse, you may be able to repair the relationship.

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Anyhttps://ecosoberhouse.com/ somebody offers to help you, even if you are not expecting it, do your best to seize the opportunity. One thing that’s important in any of these situations is to take your time connecting with people. You can’t be certain that everyone in your new class is sober, and most likely, few people are in recovery or familiar with how to assist people in recovery. One of the most difficult things that many recovering users must face is the damage that has been done to their relationships.

While many people overcome their fears to triumph over drug and alcohol addiction, recovery can also be a frightening experience. To substitute this type of shallow camaraderie, it is better to think about other ventures where you can instantly be welcomed by the group, merely for making an appearance. There is a range of events such as this, you just have to think about what you may appreciate rather than drinking alcohol.

Tips for Navigating Work Events as a Sober Person

When facing triggers or cravings, it is essential to have a strong support system you can reach out to at any time of the day. They can guide you to a meeting or a therapy session, or just sit with you until it passes. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking.

  • Because the fact is, the real world is ripe with temptations—ones that often stem from drug-using memories with old friends in old social scenes.
  • This is one case in which it is truly better to be safe than sorry.
  • You can finally apply everything you’ve learned, all that you’ve accomplished, to life and take on the world once again.

The Stop Drinking Expert approach to alcohol addiction uses a unique combination of CBT techniques and NLP reframing. While it takes some time to cultivate a solid support base, be patient and you will boost your chances of recovery success. By expanding your support circle you will be simultaneously building a new healthy life for yourself in recovery.

Quick Summary of Sober Networking:

Decline networking events with a heavy focus on alcohol or total lack of sober options. Shifting the venue for networking activities and work events to a place not centered on alcohol such as a driving range or bowling alley. Sobriety is a completely personal journey, and the choice to be open about it or to take another approach such as those mentioned above is in your control. And as you continue to find yourself in these situations, you’ll notice how much easier each interaction gets. The hardest hurdles to get through are at the beginning of your sobriety journey, and you’ll find your pace as time goes on. Individuals from all genders, ethnicities, socio-economic levels, educational backgrounds, and occupations struggle with addiction.

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For instance, if you are in need of a sponsor , then you can’t sit around twiddling your thumbs and simply hoping that someone will offer. You need to identify someone that you feel you can trust, someone you respect. But once it’s over, you’ll realize that it was only as difficult as you made it.

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They have proven to be effective in sober networking younger addicts find the support and affirmation they need to permanently overcome their addiction and avoid relapse. There are people out there who will listen, and sober social apps put them just a few clicks away. Community groups for people in recovery usually provide a closed, confidential setting in which group members may feel comfortable communicating openly and forming supportive connections with other members. Attending recovery group meetings will help provide the accountability, support, and sense of community you need to help you remain clean and sober. Enrolling in a rehab program is perhaps the most pivotal, actionable step an addict can take toward recovery. However, the journey does not end once a program participant graduates from a rehab program.

How does the sober app work?

When you select the behavior you'd like to quit, you're asked to enter your sober start date, why you want to stop, and to make a sobriety pledge. I Am Sober helps members stay on track by sending reminders to return to the app and renew their pledges at the beginning and end of each day.

Build your sober network and access it wherever you are and whenever you need it. Keep track of your progress, chat with like-minded new friends and even find the one on LOOSID. Having said that, non-drinkers have a false reputation for being killjoys. I have found that the only way to counteract this negative stigma is by staying as late as I possibly can and challenging myself socially. So these days, I limit my weekly intake of alcohol to roughly 2 standard drinks, maybe 3 if I really want to let my hair down. By default, Sober Grid sorts profiles by distance to the user, which is useful for finding people to hang out with in real life.

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Early in your recovery, you probably should not be around them when they have been drinking, either. Anyone who is unwilling to respect these boundaries does not belong in your support network. Far From Finished is a podcast series that shares the unfiltered, real-life stories of people in recovery. Told in their own words, these stories provide insight into the experiences of people who are embarking on their own personal journey of recovery and triumph over addiction. Be cautious about building relationships with people who are still using drugs or alcohol.

  • It can build up over time if you don’t deal with your regret.
  • Granite Recovery Centers has been transforming the lives of alcohol and drug dependent adults from New England and well beyond.
  • This might mean reminding you to attend your meetings, encouraging you to eat healthy food, or joining you on a regular exercise routine.
  • Recovery can seem extremely daunting when you were trying to tackle it on your own.


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